4/9 share of home with shop and workshop


Riferimento 6759
Prezzo 56.451 €
Tipologia Casa singola
Contratto vendita
Comune Cerea
Mq 540
Classe energetica
Classe energetica N.D.

informazioni aggiuntive

The subject of this sale is a real estate compendium for the amount of 4/9 consisting of a house, partly for residential use in part for shop use and a laboratory, all located in Cerea (VR), in Via San Vito.The residential unit (sub 1) develops on a ground floor, a first floor and a cellar in the basement. On the ground floor there is the living area, kitchen and living room, while on the first floor there are four bedrooms, with three balconies and a bathroom with laundry. The interior finishes and fixtures are all present, but dated, in a reasonable state of preservation and maintenance.Adjacent to the house is the shop (sub 2), consisting of a commercial room with bathroom, dressing room and window on the public street, the finishes are similar to those of the house. A garage (sub 4) completes the house, located in the back of the building.North of the property is the laboratory (sub 3), developed on two floors, used on the ground floor for storage and laboratory and on the first floor as a laboratory. The finishes are in a poor state of preservation, also due to the semi-abandoned state of part of the building.Any present movable property is excluded from this sale. The building is currently occupied.Living area (sub 1): 208 sqmStore Area (sub 2): 54 square metersSurface Garage (sub 4): 19 sqmLaboratory Area (sub 3): 260 square meters Visita l'immobile: www.realestatediscount.it/aste-immobili/quota-4-9-di-abitazione-con-negozio-e-laboratorio-6873/